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Help For Employers

Here are some resources and information we have gathered which we hope you find useful.

Waterline Summit Webinar

Taken from the WiME event at 2021 Waterline Summit hear from WiME Partner companies about their industry, how they recruit and retain a diverse workforce and what a career journey is like in these organisations. Click to play videos:


ORE Catapult

Phillips 66

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

We have worked with an HR specialist to draw up some guidance on gender balance within the workplace. Our guidence is split in to two areas, and we have also produced an example Equality Policy, which you can use as a useful starting point to establish your own policy.

Developing a balanced workforce

Legislation regarding equality at work has been in place since the ‘70’s but many traditional industries, for a wide range of reasons, still tend to biased towards one gender or another.  Since 1996, women’s presence in manufacturing has declined from over 11% to just over 4%of the working female population working in that sector. CLICK TO READ MORE

Maintaining equality in recruitment

Under the Equality Act of 2010 all employers are required to treat all candidates for roles equally, basing any employment decisions, purely on the candidate’s ability to perform the work required. CLICK TO READ MORE


Whilst this information has been developed by recruitment and employment specialists, it is provided in good faith as general guidance. Every company should ensure that suitable and appropriate independent advice is sought in respect of their own individual situation and requirements.